Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Baaaacckkkk!

After I a long hiatus, I am returning to the blogosphere a Vanderbilt Graduate!!! I am definitely excited and relieved, more relieved than excited really.

Now on to makeup!

No reviews here, because it would be late, and I really don't feel like going through all of that, but I will give you a quick rundown of my latest cosmetic purchases:

Cool Heat
- Climate Blue
- Gulf Stream
- Warm Chill

Sonic Chic
- Love Joy
- Love Thing

- Fresh Green Mix
- Hot Contrast
- Sea & Sky

- Bold & Brazen
- Glamour Check
- Go!

Now I can give you my thoughts on the products I've purchased and used so far, so here goes.

Cool Heat: The color palette in the collection has really inspired me. I love the idea of teals and greens and mixing them with bronzes, reds, and oranges. I have been doing some Cool Heat inspired looks, but unltimatley the shadows are difficult to work with. The color payoff isn't great, and they kind of dust off the brush and lid. It's weird, I don't like it, but I am pulling a Tim Gunn and in order to "Make It Work"

Sonic Chic: I love these blushes. Perfect combination of a nice wash of color, shimmer, and smooth application. Nuff said.

Electroflash: I've only used Hot Contrast, and so far, so good. The black side especially went on like butter.

Starflash: Again, I've only used Bold & Brazen from this collection. It went it's a nice color that went on well. I will say though, that the colors in this collection are nice, and if you don't have anything like them, give them a try. As for me, I have a lot of colors in some of the color families represented in the collection, so I didn't feel the need to go all out. And yes, Stila's Diamond Lil' and Starflash's Smoke & Diamonds are exactly the same.


Amina said...

great hauls!
I have the exact sonic view blushes in my cart...i am just waiting to have more products before clicking the purchase button!!
i can't wait to see upcoming FOTDS especially with starflash...

Amina said...

once again, congratulations!!!

SuzieC said...

Congrats on graduation!! Great haul, I love the blushes you got!

Erin said...

Great to see ya back and congrats on graduating!

I agree, I LOVE the Sonic View blushes. It kinda makes me regret getting the blushes from the permanent line.

And also you are SO right! Lil Diamond is exactly the same as Smoke and Diamonds and thats exactly why I didn't get it. Oh and by the way, I meant to tell you, I recently got into Stila shadows and I love them so much. Jezebel really is the bomb.

Jessica said...

^^ Isn't Jezebel amazing! I am so glad you like it!